Vision Mission and Values

Vision, Mission & Values

of Union Baptist Church


Our Vision

To see High Wycombe transformed by God through His loving, serving and worshipping church.


To be a community of Christians who love God, follow Jesus and share the hope which we have in Him.

Loving God - The Passion

God the Father shows us His love in Jesus Christ who died to save us and rose from death to give us life. In response we want to know Him more through His Word, the Bible, and to worship and glorify Him.

Following Jesus - The Journey

We are called to be disciples of Jesus who encourage others to follow Him. We want to see people believe in Jesus, be baptised, commit to being part of the Church and accept the Lordship of Jesus in every part of life.

Sharing Hope - The Challenge

God equips us to share the promise of His kingdom coming on earth in High Wycombe and throughout His world by sending His Holy Spirit. We bring hope to the world by proclaiming the good news of Jesus and demonstrating His love in action.

Our Vision Mission and Values Policy