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Help in isolation

Thinking Man on Couch

At this time of great need God wants to use us as salt and light in our community and among our friends and family. 


We want to help people, but we must be wise and follow the guidelines given by the government to protect others as well as ourselves.


Some of us who are used to having hands-on roles may, at this time, need to adjust to a role which is more behind the scenes, equipping, encouraging and praying, especially if we are in a more vulnerable group or if we’re self-isolating. 

 As Christians we should be active in community initiatives which are already in place. Can you offer support to others through a neighbourhood group or WhatsApp group or can you initiate one?


Let your neighbours know that you are praying for them not just offering practical help.

Social Distance

If you would be available to practically help members of our church and community please contact us here. Training will be provided for volunteers. 

If you need practical help or have a prayer request please contact us here 

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