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24/7 Prayer Week 2nd Feb - 9th Feb  

This February, we are setting aside a week for 24 hours of prayer each day. That doesn’t mean it is the only week of the year when we will pray! But it does mean we are calling everyone to a deeper intention of prayer, a deeper rhythm of prayer, a deeper dependence on prayer.

EVERYONE: We are calling every person to pray every day. That will look different for all of us but needs to look like something for each of us. Every day, we pray at some point for some length of time. Also, we have launched our 24/7 prayer room, and would love for everyone to try it out at least once!

EVERYTHING: We are going to take everything we are doing as a church this week, and either REPLACE it with prayer, or INFUSE it with prayer. Leaders of every church ministry are making plans, but each of us can do the same for our lives. Maybe we replace a TV show with a time of prayer. Maybe we infuse our commute with prayer. It’s up to you!

EVERY DAY: Each day, we want every hour to be covered in prayer. Often in the Bible prayer is mentioned in connection with fasting. You could fast for one meal, but you could fast from tech, music, caffeine… to enable you to focus on prayer. We will explore fasting as part of our evening service on 2nd Feb.