Sermon Series

Sermon Series for 2020

May 2020

The Gospel of John was written so that its readers would "believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" (John 20 v31). Throughout the Gospel, John records how Jesus explicitly confirms His Deity and His purpose through what are known as the 'I AM' sayings.

This month, we have been looking at 5 of those I AM sayings. In these deeply personal sayings, Christ offers us Himself, and through receiving and responding to His words, we receive Christ, and all that He offers.

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26th April I AM the Bread of Life’ (Jn 6: 25 – 59) Jesus uses the rich and profound analogy of bread to describe how he brings us life – for now and for eternity.

3rd May ‘I AM the Gate’ (Jn 10:1-10) Jesus explains that He has given us free and unlimited access to His Kingdom

10th May I AM the Shepherd’ (Jn 10:11-33) Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd who knows, calls, leads and ultimately lays down his life for the sheep.

17th May ‘I AM the Resurrection’ (Jn 11:17-44) Jesus spoke these powerful words to a heartbroken sister whose brother had just died. He then raised her brother from the dead, revealing that He is resurrection life—He brings life to the physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually dead.

24th May ‘I AM the Way’ (Jn 14:1-14)  Jesus reveals that there are not multiple ways to God the Father, there’s just one - Jesus Himself is the ONLY Truth.

Upcoming Series:

31st May – 14th June

Learning to be Church

31st May: Acts 2:1-13 Pentecost Sunday

As promised by Jesus before his ascension, the Holy Spirit came upon his followers as they were all gathered together in one place for Pentecost. We see how God equips His church with the power of His Spirit so that He will be glorified among the nations.

7th June: Acts 2:14-41 - Sharing the Gospel

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, a timid Peter is transformed into a dynamic and powerful speaker, boldly declaring the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus to the crowds gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. As a result of this single sermon, three thousand people are brought to faith in Jesus and baptised.

14th June: Acts 2:42-47 Living the Gospel

This account comes straight after the story of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit had been experienced powerfully by Jesus’ gathered followers. Peter had given the first Christian evangelistic sermon, in response to which three thousand people repented, were baptised, and joined the Jerusalem Christian community. This passage describes the daily life of the early church.

Jan – April 2020

The Christian life begins with God's call. He reaches out personally and calls us individually as he did with Abraham. But whilst his call is personal, the blessing is shared by many.

In Christ we see the sacrificial love of God offered to the world. Jesus opens wide his arms of welcome, forgiveness and embrace. We respond by passing on what we have received with all the love of our hearts.

This is why our verse for 2020 is We love, because He first loved us 1 John 4:19

Morning Sermon Series

Friends of God (Abraham)

In order to give and receive love we need to come into relationship. This is why God called Abraham and why he calls out to us through his son Jesus.

Friendship with God is wonderful but, at times, strange and confusing. Our sermon series will explore the wonder of God’s calling, the generosity of his covenant promises and his strange requests that make sense in the light of His eternal purposes.

John’s Passion Narratives chapters 18-21

John portrays Jesus as someone totally in control, drinking the cup the Father has prepared for him, and then exalting and glorifying God by being raised on the cross, which is the high point of the gospel. As we read and meditate on John’s narrative we will discover afresh the glory and depth of God’s love for us and prayerfully respond to his passion.

Evening Sermon Series

The Upside-Down Kingdom - Matthew 18 -19

God has a way of turning our world the right way up. We will explore four lessons given by Jesus: in greatness, forgiveness, relationships and generosity.

The Day of the Lord – Joel 1-3

This five-week series will explore the prophetic poems written by Joel. God is revealed in this book as the one who longs to show mercy to his people. He will do this ultimately on the day of the Lord when he will confront arrogant godless nations; when he will restore Eden in a new creation and when he will bring his personal presence by His Holy Spirit into the life and experience of his chosen people.

Previous Sermon Series

Autumn Series 2019

Choosing God’s way is to choose life. Our verse for this year, John 15:5, shows that remaining joined to Jesus is to be joined to the source of life and fruitfulness. May we each choose life inspired by the example of the people of Israel and the wisdom of Jesus. 

Morning Sermon Series

Deuteronomy – Choose Life

Deuteronomy finds God’s people at a turning point as they look ahead to the land that God has promised and is now going to give to them. But God’s interest is not first and foremost in the land; He has promised it and will give it to them. He is interested in their hearts, and whether they will choose to live well in the land trusting and depending on God and his life-giving ways.

As we explore the book, we’ll examine our own lives, our own community, and ask what it means for each of us to choose life today, and to offer the life we have chosen to a world that needs it.`

Kingdom Living – Matthew 6-7

This short four-week series in the sermon on the mount will place us at the feet of Jesus as we appreciate his life changing wisdom. We will explore what we treasure; the gift of contentment, prayer and living a godly life. May the kingdom ways of Jesus be established increasingly in our lives individually and as a church.


A Prophetic Christmas – Isaiah 9 and 11

Our final, short series will be in the book of Isaiah where we will continue our kingdom theme and discover that in the person of Jesus they discovered a perfect king who came to establish a perfect kingdom

Evening Sermon Series

Joseph in Genesis

If we thought that the God-dependent life was straight-forward we will need to think again as we enjoy and learn from the eventful and often paradoxical life of Joseph.

Body Builders – I Corinthians 12-14

I wonder what you think God’s purpose was in sending his Holy Spirit and pouring out His gifts on His church? The church in Corinth didn’t get the right answer initially. In these three wonderful chapters we will discover how much we need the power and loving equipping of the Holy Spirit for the edification of the church.

Previous Sermon Series include

Summer 2019 Dependance on God

Learning what it means to be completely dependent on God.


Spring 2019 Sharing our Faith...


This term we will learn and understand the gospel and be equipped to share the good news with our friends and neighbours, being obedient to the call of Jesus to share our faith with people that we see regularly.

In John 15 Jesus calls us to remain dependent and connected to Christ.  Jesus made a priority of connecting with his Heavenly Father in prayer and we want to learn from His example.  



Autumn 2018 The Glory of God

Our morning sermon series explored the glory of the gospel message in the early chapters of Romans and in the evenings we will grapple with the paradoxes about God.   As we explored the mysteries and paradoxes of faith that can seem to undermine belief we will discover that these paradoxes lie at the heart of a vibrant faith in our glorious God.

Spring Sermon Series 2018

Encouragement & Generosity In Christ

God's Generosity is a recurring theme thoughtout the pages of the Bible.  God creates a perfect world, welcomes us into his family, gives his only Son and sends the Holy Sprirt upon his church.  We start the year by continuing with Paul's second missionary journey where Paul generously encourages the church that faces many challenges.

  • With their freedom in Christ
  • That through trials and conflict the gospel spreads.
  • Through the help they can offer one another
  • With the gift of informed prayer
  • By the power of the Spirit in mission