Youth Prayer Room

Youth Prayer Room

Welcome to the Youth Prayer Room!

Watch the video below for a short clip explaining how the different activities and resources in this prayer room can be used to help you go deeper in your time of prayer with God. 

Ben will also be giving examples of how he prays and will lead you in a prayer as you dive into this time of prayer with the God who is waiting for you to call out to him. 

We are asking you to commit to 1 Hour of prayer. That could be 1 hour a day, 1 hour every 2 days or 1 hour a week. Usually we would have something in person and a prayer room you could all use but we have got creative and made this awesome space for you to engage and connect with God through prayer. 

What you will find on this page - 

  • Video outlining use of prayer room. - 5 Mins
  • Resource to praying in your home. - 10 Mins
  • Make your own Prayer Cube. - 10 Mins
  • Prayer Ribbons. - 10 Mins
  • Words for God interactive board. - 10 Mins
  • Google Maps - Praying for our world. - 10 Mins
  • Music for worship and Praise. - 10 Mins

Prayer At Home

The resource below has been made to help you, the Young People, to use every room in your house as a room for prayer. 

You will find Bible verses and suggestions of what to pray for on each page from the bedroom to the bathroom, the living room to the garden. 

You can download or print this resource to use whenever you are going in and out of the rooms in your house and as that is a place we are spending most of our time at the moment, let's take this opportunity to turn our homes into a place of prayer!



Kitchen - /content/pages/documents/PrayerathomeKitchen.pdf

Living Room - /content/pages/documents/PrayerathomeLivingRoom.pdf

Bathroom - /content/pages/documents/PrayerathomeBedroom.pdf

Garden - /content/pages/documents/PrayerathomeGarden.pdf


Prayer Cube

Below you will find a PDF and a picture of a cube outline.

What we are encouraging you to do is to print this off, or use it to create your own and to write on each side things to pray for. As you then role the cube like dice, whichever side lands facing up you can pray for.

You can either use this activity to write your own prayers, for the things on your heart right now or you can use any on the list below. 

  • Pray for the Church.
  • Pray for Family.
  • Pray for those who are sick.
  • Pray for friends.
  • Pray for yourself.
  • Pray for our government.
  • Pray for our schools and teachers.
  • Pray for our Police, medical staff, firemen/women and all key workers.
  • Pray for other countries around the world.

Prayer Cube Template - /content/pages/documents/PrayerCube.pdf 


Prayer Ribbons

This resource allows you to get creative, but it might mean having to hunt for some material or, if you can, buying some ribbon. 

Here what we encourage you to do, is to grab a piece of ribbon and to tie it round your wrist, like a bracelet. 

As you do so, the colour of the ribbon will match up to something you can pray for on the sheet below. Pray for that subject as you tie the ribbon on and keep the ribbon on as a reminder to continue praying for that thing throughout the week. 

Words for God

This is a super exciting activity that you can do together, online. 

Using this interactive board, write any and all names that come to mind when you think of God. 

During your time of prayer, it's also important that we take the time to praise God and to glorify Him. 

So use this time to praise God for all of the good things you have, for all that you are thankful for and let's fill this board with all the different names we have for God. 

Remember, it doesn't matter if your word for God is already on this list, you can still put it down, because it's your word for God.

Use the link below to enter your words.

Google Maps - Praying for our world. 

This is a different kind of resource, as all you need to do is type it into the Google search bar to access it. 

As you are here though, we want to encourage you to pray for our world. For the places that are war-torn or where they have less than we do. Where sickness and poverty is rife and where God can be making a real difference.

Below you will find Google maps inserted into the page. Use this to find or search for places in the world that you want to pray for. There will also be a list of places below that we as a church are linked with. 

Places at Union Baptist Church we are linked with:

  • Chad
  • Tanzania
  • Australia
  • France

Music for Prayer

Below you will find a worship song that, if you go to, will open up a long list of other worship songs on YouTube.

Use this time to worship and sing out God's praises. 

You can also use the link below to a Spotify worship playlist as well if you wish to keep these songs for the future.