Home Group Notes

Below are the Sermon and Home Group Guidance sheets for April and May.

To help you to apply Sunday teaching to your daily life these notes have been developed. The notes are designed for use in home groups and we encourage everyone who has made Union Baptist their spiritual home to join a home group. You can, of course, benefit from reading and reflecting on these notes after a service on your own too.



Revelation symbols (PDF)                                Revelation symbols (MS Word)

July 5th PDF version                                        July 5th MS Word version

June 21st PDF version                                    June 21st MS Word Version

June 14th PDF version                                    June 14th MS Word version

June 7th PDF Version                                      June 7th MS Word Version



Get into God’s word whilst isolated. We highly recommend 'Reading Between the Lines' by Glen Scrivener that is now available on You Tube every day with 400 days of brilliant Biblical material!