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Church is more than Sunday mornings - it's belonging to a family 

As a large church family, we encourage everyone at Union Baptist Church to be part of a homegroup.  Playing a vital role in our church family life, our homegroups are small groups of people who are committed to living life together.  We meet weekly with the goal of seeing one another become more like Jesus.  With that as our purpose, we read the Bible together, pray together and pursue Christ-like relationships with one another that will strengthen our life as a wider church community.

Our homegroups come in various shapes and sizes and meet at different times during the week. They are safe places where we can learn to apply the Bible to our lives – where we can ask questions and ask for prayer – where we can laugh and cry together – where we can carry one another’s burdens – where we can learn together what it means to love God and love our neighbours.

If you’d like to find out more about homegroups or if you want to join one of our existing groups, please complete the form below or contact Cathy McNerney, Deacon for Discipleship.


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