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For new believers, newcomers to UBC, or if you feel like your faith has become a bit routine, before you join a LIFE Group, we encourage you to join the ‘Grow/Know’ course.

New believers often find getting to grips with the Christian life quite daunting.  And many of us who have been Christians a while longer feel we’re stuck in a rut, or that our faith has become a routine.  Going to church, reading the Bible, praying to God and living Christ’s way can so easily become things we do dutifully, or don’t do at all.

This 10-week course is in two parts.  In the first 5 weeks, we’ll discover what growing as a Christian really means and how it happens.  In the second 5 weeks, we’ll seek to know God better by exploring key truths about Him as well as the central beliefs of the Christian faith and how they make sense of our world and our lives.

The Grow/Know course will begin on Wednesday 27th September. For more information please contact us. 

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