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As part of our values, we want to apply God’s truth in scripture to our lives.  Reading the Bible every day is an important part in following this. 



To help get the most out of your Bible, set aside a regular and realistic time for reading which is enough for it to be meaningful, but also manageable and sustainable.


It's good to have some time for reflection on what you have read about.  Try and make it the same time each day, at a time which is comfortable for you.


We believe that prayer is crucial. To help and encourage people to pray, there is a permanent prayer room in the HUB which is avaliable to anyone who wishes to spend time praying or in quiet contemplation, and below are some links to online Bible apps to help and encourage you in your prayer life.


Reading between the lines gives a series of daily devotional studies which takes you through the Bible in one year

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The YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to help with daily reading  plans.


A one year reading plan about the story of Jesus.

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