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Praying for Ukraine

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Father, we are saddened, despite repeated reassurances of there being no

planned invasion - at 5 am on Thursday 24th February Russia invaded Ukraine on the pretence of liberating the country from genocide and neo-Nazism.

The Roman Empire also oppressed people in the name of peace and order 2000 years ago. We hear echoes of Pontius Pilate before Jesus

'What is truth?' (John 18:38).

How are we to pray?

In a world of economic and political power and military violence Jesus came not to overthrow Rome by force but by self-sacrificial love. He liberated the oppressed by the shedding of his blood, never raising a sword.

Father, help us to take the path of self-sacrifice as a nation as sanctions are put in place. But Father we know that genuine peace is beyond what we can secure by our economic or military strength.

So, we pray for the Prince of Peace to reign over this conflict. We pray against bloodshed, and for violence to quickly end. We pray for wise leaders, and peacemakers on every side. We pray for relief and compassion for those in our country for whom further price rises will be crippling.

We pray Father, in the knowledge that just as Rome fell within centuries of Christ's victory on the cross, the Kingdom will always outlast the empire.


Malcolm (with gratitude to LICC for ideas in this article from their post by Matt Jolley)

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