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Helping in Ukraine

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

As we mentioned in our last post, we sent a donation to Biserica Maranata church located in Varfu Campului in the Codlea area of North East Romania, close to the Ukrainian border which has links to our Romanian Congregation Biserica Viata Noua-High Wycombe.

They have expressed their sincere thanks to us and sent some photos of what they have been doing to help both refugees and those who are still in Ukraine.

Last week, the church has been delivering supplies including food, bedding and wheelchairs to the town of Bucha which has been in the news.

You may be thinking of opening your home to a Ukrainian family.

Please carefully and prayerfully reflect on this. We hope that the following websites will offer valuable information:

Homes for Ukraine – the government scheme

Ukraine Welcome – gives practical information to think about

Refugees at home – explains what it is like to host a refugee family

The Sanctuary Foundation, a Christian group headed up by Krish Kandiah, who are "supporting potential sponsors, assisting the government in the roll-out of the ‘Homes For Ukraine’ scheme, and resourcing individuals, community groups, churches, schools and businesses to step up to build this vital provision for Ukrainian refugees."

Please keep praying and giving to help support all those affected.

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