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At Union Baptist Church, we believe in the power of prayer. We aspire to be people who are prayerful, dependent on God for everything. We know that we see and experience God most when we are devoted to inconvenient, costly prayer. Prayer is at the heart of everything we do at Union Baptist Church but we need to grow in prayer, as individuals and as a church family.


During our week of prayer from 2nd – 8th June 2024 we are challenged to:


It’s really simple. We take the ordinary prayer (the way we pray ordinarily, in an ordinary week) and try adding something extra to it. Here are some extras that we encourage you to try during the week:

We add the ‘extra’ to our ordinary prayer to make ‘extraordinary prayer’


When this becomes ordinary we add something extra – this is how to grow in prayer!

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Pray for a whole hour (or more)

Use the prayer guides below to guide you through an hour with God

We also recommend instrmental worship music while you pray to help connect with God  - try this worship instrumental

Prayer Room

Our prayer room is set up in the Walnut Suite in the Hub. It is available between

1.00 pm -  5pm Monday

9.00 am - 5.00 pm Tuesday  - Friday or at other times if you have a church key.


It is equipped with lots of resources to help you pray.

We would love to have people praying for 1 hour slots, 24 hours each day for 7 days.

You can register for a slot here

Prayer Walking

As part of the Love Wycombe initiative and leading up to the big Love Wycombe celebration at the end of our prayer week on 9th June, Christians from churches across the town are prayer walking in their neighbourhoods.

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You can use the app / webpage to plan your prayer walking route then mark it up when you have prayed along those streets. Register to get started here:



Fasting can connect us more closely to God and give strength to our prayers. It involves the costly practice of giving up something – often food for a time. But we can fast from other things e.g. TV, social media etc.

Guide to Fasting

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Praying out loud

You may find it helpful to try voicing your prayers to God out loud, even if you are by yourself or prayer walking.

Join others to pray

During the week we have several online prayer meetings.


C&YP Prayer 4th June 7:45 – 8:30pm  (continues on the 1st Tuesday of every month)

Job club prayer 6th June 8:30am (continues on the 1st Thursday of every month)

Women's prayer group 1 - 3rd June 1.00 -2.00 pm (continues every Monday)

Women's prayer group 2 - 6th June 7.30 -8.30 pm (continues every Thursday)

For details of the Zoom links please contact us

Meditate on the Bible

Use this guide by our member Tim Feeney to help you listen to God through his word


Try writing down your prayers and jot down what you sense God might be saying to you


Prayer Request

If you have something you would like prayer for please fill in the box below and we will pray for you.

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