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Matt (British) served at Union Baptist Church as our Youth Ministry Worker during the early 2000s, then met and married Rachel (Australian) and together they followed God’s calling to serve with WEC in South-east Asia for several years. 


Since 2016, they have responded to a clear call to relocate to Perth, Western Australia to continue serving WEC where they can use their particular giftings effectively in encouraging Australians seeking to serve the Lord in overseas mission.

Matt’s primary role is in youth ministry, networking with church youth groups, youth camps and university students. 


This leads to recruiting and training young people for various mission experiences, with four stages of training leading to short-term overseas placements and long-term involvement with WEC ministries among the least evangelised people groups of Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands and Europe. 


Matt also works on WEC media projects (particularly the development of digital resources), builds relationships with local churches, preaches and raises the profile of mission among Christians in Western Australia. 


He has a specialist role in conducting training in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool and the “Belbin” team-building programme.

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Rachel is the Personnel Development Coordinator for WEC workers in Australia and Australian members serving overseas.  She also manages the small WEC centre in Perth where they live. 


This has a conference room used by many groups for prayer times, information and training sessions and has accommodation for WEC trainees and members as well as administrative offices where she and Matt work alongside a small team.  Rachel was recently appointed to the governing board of WEC Australia which meets four times a year in different cities to oversee the many different areas of the ministry in Australia and overseas.

Matt and Rachel are grateful for the prayers and support of churches in the UK and Australia as they seek to follow God’s guidance in setting priorities for their many roles and responding to the opportunities to mobilise God’s people for mission as these are steadily increasing year by year.